Environment Trainer Need

January 16, 2020

Managing an Inclusive Work Environment Trainer Need

The Diversity & Harassment Trainer will provide managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools to interact respectfully with diverse co-workers and supervise a diverse team. Must have prior experience and able to present samples of previous training.

Course topics include:

The many dimensions of diversity (personality, language, gender, age, race, geographic background, communication style, sexual orientation, etc.)

How individual differences can influence communication in a the workplace

How the Impact of one’s comments/behaviors on others can differ from one’s Intent (Intent vs. Impact)

Micro-aggressions and subtle comments / behaviors that are (or can be perceived as) disrespectful to others

Employer’s workplace policies related to a fair and inclusive work environment

Current terminology for respectfully referring to individual and group identities (related to age, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, etc,)

Conversation topics appropriate for one’s personal life vs. the workplace

Best Practices for respectfully communicating with diverse co-workers and employees

The Role of Managers in Preventing Harassment

This program provides managers with the knowledge to both prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace.


• Develop an understanding of how the law defines sexual harassment

• Understand the liability an organization can incur as a result of employee behavior

• Discuss how to prevent harassment from occurring on their teams

• Learn how the law requires managers to respond to complaints of harassment

• Practice resolving workplace harassment situations with case studies

Must have previous experience creating and executing training.